My story


I have worked in the Human Resources sphere for over 13 years and during that period I was employed at large corporations as well as at Small and Medium-sized enterprises. It was during my time working for SME’s that I discovered my passion for Employee Experience. 


In contrast to a large corporate environment, in an SME, the CEO or Founder knows everybody and is aware or involved with almost every activity. The SME environment can also stretch the employees as they tend to focus on tasks that sometimes fall outside the scope of their expertise. And that is what can make an SME environment quite addictive if you employ the right personality. It is fast-paced and dynamic! As an employee, you need to be versatile, adaptable and fast thinking. 


I have worked with organizations that have a staff compliment of 2 as well as originations that started with 9 employees and expanded to a compliment of 300. Each phase of this growth cycle brings on cultural changes as well as leadership challenges. But each growth phase does not have to be daunting or challenging. It should be as exciting for the employees as it is for leadership to experience and see the evolution of the organization.


“A positive organizational culture can promote competitive work environments and continuous improvements” (Morgeson et al., 2013). 


Our name expresses my commitment to building the relationship between the business owner and creating that trust relationship with the employee. In the end, your organization should still feel like that small start-up company even though it has evolved. The one with stars in its eyes and excitement in its heart. The one that tries, every day, to do things a little bit better. 


Your success is our success!