The importance of employee engagement for small businesses

As an entrepreneur, you love what you do and started your business because you had a passion that you were willing to work hard to make a success off. But what about your staff?

Employees who are engaged truly care about their organization, their deliverables, and the goals the organization is trying to achieve. This commitment makes them go above and beyond what’s written in their job description. This is more so needed in a small business than a large organization as you have one individual completing tasks over and above their expertise due to a smaller workforce.

According to Gallup, only 34% of U.S. workers feel engaged at work. That means that a staggering 66% of workers feel disengaged at their organization.

There are many ways in which small businesses can effectively encourage employee engagement, including the following:

  1. Promote regular and open communication. When employees see their supervisors and interact with them routinely, then this breaks down barriers and improves morale.

  2. Acknowledge good work. A simple acknowledgment of a job well done can make all the difference to an employee’s happiness.

  3. Flexible environment. Employees tend to be more productive and engaged when working in a flexible environment. Small businesses can offer more flexi-work or even time off when an individual requires it. As a result, employees have a more empathetic view of the organization for allowing them greater flexibility.

  4. Focus on the personal touch. Due to a smaller workforce, the Founder/CEO can be personally involved. This can be done by celebrating special occasions or even just sending Christmas cards to each staff member. These small touches go a long way towards promoting and improving morale.

We cannot emphasize the importance of employee engagement enough. Employee engagement is rooted in trust, communication, and commitment. A small business feels the direct impact when the workforce is not engaged, more so than larger organizations