Why Culture Alignment is important

Natalie Baumgartner, Chief Workforce Scientist at Achievers explains that “…we think of culture as how you do things in your organization.” “…culture alignment is then the extent to which everything you do as a company. How you hire, how you develop, how you engage your people, and much more. Everything you do is aligned with those values.”

Research has shown that in organizations where the workforce share a common value set and where employees and senior leaders have the same view of the culture, employee satisfaction and commitment are noticeably higher than those in less aligned cultures. Aligned cultures also tend to have more loyal customers and higher rankings of service quality.

Don’t be fooled, it will not be an easy process and we cannot control how people will behave. But people need to feel they belong. To be part of something bigger than themselves and to be a worthy member of a community with a shared purpose.

If you can get your team to align behind a purpose and core values, then you are already halfway through the journey.